What is Tadelakt?

Tadelakt is a 2000 year old lime based water resistant plaster from Marrakech and was originally used to decorate the royal palaces, steam rooms and bathroom of the riads. Throughout Europe, it is fast becoming the alternative to tiling in wet rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Designers and architects are using it today for its silky texture and indescribable patina, which are unmatched by any other plaster finish available. It is absolutely stunning.



Where else can tadelakt be applied?

Tadelakt is used both in the interior and exterior, so it can be applied almost anywhere as long as the background has been prepared correctly. It can be applied on bare footed floors, worktops, inside sinks & baths as well as ornaments.



How should my builder prepare the background?

In the UK, very little is known about actual Moroccan tadelakt lime, therefore the substrate needs to be constructed professionally and only us to prepare the backing coats.


Our tadelakt installations are mainly in wet areas, so the foundation should always be a cement backing board with all joints prepared. Our preparation then consits of an adhesive mortar, then two coats of either sand & cement or sand & natural hydraulic lime.


Please note, gypsum plasters are not suitable for our tadelakt


Common examples :


  • In wetrooms & shower areas, cement based backing boards should be installed

  • In dry areas, Plasterboards are not suitable

  • Block walls are the ideal surface, please leave the surface brick exposed and we'll do the rest


If needed or if you require further information, then please contact us to request a copy of our operations manual which explains the preparation process in more depth. We can also do a site visit and discuss the installation with your builder.



What colours are available?

We only use natural earth powder pigments which have extraordinary depth and colour. However, please see our ‘colours’ section on our website or contact us, as we may be able to make it for you.



As tadelakt is natural, does it have health benefits?

Tadelakt is like having a tree at home, it has massive health benefits


  • Breathable: low resistance to vapor diffusion and high permeability, beneficial to asthma sufferers

  • Dehumidifying: great capacity to absorb the water present in the walls and resistance to alkaline salts, thanks to its high porosity

  • Insulating: thermal and acoustic insulating properties due to the high micro-porosity

  • Antibacterial: hostility to the survival of molds, mould and bacteria eliminating the aged and dirty look associated with tiling and grout



How much does all this cost?

You can email us the details of your project, or send us the drawings and we will get back to you with a quotation. A site visit from one of our representatives is advised to give an accurate quotation. We normally price by a metre rate, but occasionally we can price it based on others factors.



Why should we choose you and not go elsewhere for our tadelakt?

Its our promise, to give you what you asked for.... original Moroccan tadelakt with traditional methods. All we say to our potential clients is to request a sample board from any other tadelakt companies you find online or anywhere and then request a sample board from us, prepare to be amazed. You will choose us everytime and thats guarranteed. You can't compare a thin 2mm veneer type tadelakt sample as opposed to our 12-15mm thick sample. You will not be able to resist our earthy, smooth and silky example that we send you, it will charm you instantly. When you see and feel our sample board, you will then understand what we have been talking about... there is simply no comparison to our beautiful tadelakt.


Our sample boards are about 12mm thick as tadelakt should be...compare that to others?


Here is where we trained in Marrakech, how many other companies can say that?

Riad Zinoun, Marrakech


We are also an approved Tierrafino, Netherlands

Tierrafino, Amsterdam, NL



What about samples?

Please contact us and we can arrange samples to me made for you.



How do I clean it?

You can clean your tadelakt with water and a cloth, its that easy. After the installation is complete, we will treat the tadelakt with olive oil soap which creates a water resistant surface.Tadelakt needs to be maintained every 6 months or so with a layer of pure olive soap applied by bare hands and rubbed in. The olive soap also cleans the surface. We will give a litre of soap free of charge after your installation.

This is the beauty with having a natural living plaster applied in your home, looking after it with layers of soap and watching it age gracefully with many fissures appearing as the tadelakt ages, just like us.


How long will my tadelakt last for?

Tadelakt is immortal.