Tadelakt is a 2000 year old lime based water resistant plastering technique from Morocco, North Africa. It was originally developed and used to coat the cisterns for water collection. It is the traditional coating of the royal palaces, hammams, mosques and bathrooms of the riads and is pacific to the Marrakech region. The ancient secrets have been passed down through generations for centuries and preserved by only a few today. Tadelakt has become one of the most beautiful and unique hand crafted finishes on earth.


Tadelakt is a berber word meaning “to rub” or “caress” and is one of few natural materials suitable for wet areas and can seamlessly be applied on walls, floors, sinks, showers and bathtubs due to its water resistant nature. This tradition almost disappeared but has recently undergone a revival and become very popular across Europe.


Tadelakt is increasingly replacing traditional tiling as a trendy decorative finish for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas, way beyond the ‘Red City’ and its environs.