See what happens when you choose a European tadelakt ?

Here is a video our friend Ryan from Artesano tadelakt USA put up on youtube after they we're called to a property there, after having some tadelakt installed by a company clearly using an Italian branded tadelakt. The name of the company of the tadelakt he used was displayed on the side of the tub. The client told Ryan that the applicator who installed this tadelakt applied a tile adhesive then his tadelakt straight on top.

Please note, other than bare brick walls... if your tadelakt installer does not use sand & cement or an NHL lime on top of the tile adhesive before an installation of tadelakt, then this is an indication that a thinner european tadelakt will be applied. Or even worse, if your tadelakt installer uses a venetian plaster primer then his tadelakt straight on top of that....not good!

Thanks to Artesano !

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