Tadelakt in London & UK - Real or Fake ??

May 2022

Tadelakt Today


When you ask 'what is tadelakt' not many people can give you an accurate answer, as no official technical data exists not even in Morocco. There are few books written about experiences and correct information quite scarce, but still nothing conclusive

We know it is water resistant but not waterproof, with the word 'tadelakt' deriving from 'dallek" and arabic word meaning 'kneading' or to 'caress'. Tadelakt comes out of the earth and has a fine brilliance, giving us a precious model in the understanding of nature and culture. We visited Morocco to learn the technique and travelled in its foreign world with thoughts of how we could bring this world back to our home. ......

Scroll to the bottom of the website and click the link "Tadelakt Today" to read the rest ...

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