There will be a limited number of tadelakt courses coming early 2023, this your chance to finally get your hands into some real original Marrakechi tadelakt.

On the course we will deomonstrate and show you all the Italian / German tadelakt immation material that is currently used in the UK. After the course you will then understand and see the differences between those and the brut (original).

Tadelakt is not 2-3mm / Tadelakt should not look like a marmorino


-History on Tadelakt

-Soaking the material and adding pigments

-The tools, soaking the wooden cedar float in water

-Hydraluic Lime/sand render basecoats

-Tadelakt application, different phases, soaping, using plastics
-Samples, Wall Application

-Create a cob bowl & Tadelakt

-Get to do an oven.. yes thats right oven. The oven is made from clay (cob)

There isnt a course like this anywhere in the UK

tadelakt oven amstersdam.jpg